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We make real candy accessories in Kyoto.


Notice of limited time shop in September

The limited time sale at Loft, which has been well received, has started!
Customers who are too far away to visit a Nanaco Plus store can purchase nanaco plus+ at a nearby loft.

*As this is a limited time shop, some products may not be available. Please note.

LOFT ← Click here for the homepage
Held at 44 stores!
🍬 Sales start from around September 15th (starting time varies depending on the store)

■Holding period: Until the end of November (Holding period varies depending on the store, so please contact the store directly)

■Holding stores: Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Umeda, Yokohama, Shizuoka Parco, Abeno, Nishinomiya, Shintenjin, Yao, Nagareyama, Sakai, Yokohama Port North Exit, Higashitotsuka, Kokubunji, Kokura, Shin-Yokohama, Urawa, Odawara, Kofu Showa, Hachioji, Ichihara・Ebina, Saga, Funabashi, Kinshicho, Toyama, Yokosuka, Rakuhoku, Rycom, Ario Sapporo, Marute Toyama, LaLaport Fukuoka, Kurume, Namba, Nagasaki, Kadoma, Kusatsu, Korakuen, Online store, Gifu, Meieki, Hoshigaoka, Loft Kiba/Loft Mishima

*This event will only be held at the 44 stores listed above. (If it is added, we will notify you again on this page)
*Start and rollout times vary depending on the store.
*Products available vary depending on the store.
Only miscellaneous goods available: Shibuya, Shizuoka Parco, Nishinomiya, Yao, Saga, Funabashi, LaLaport Fukuoka, Meieki

We will introduce candy accessories made of real candy coated with resin and accessories that reproduce traditional Japanese sweets.
So adorable that you want to eat it! Please feel free to wear it and enjoy it.

*As this is a limited time shop, some products may not be available. Please note.
*For inquiries regarding product inventory, etc., please contact each store.