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We make real candy accessories in Kyoto.



``Itookashi'' is a reproduction of the ``tea ceremony sweets'' from a long-established Japanese confectionery shop. The motifs of flowers and birds that have been passed down from generation to generation are sophisticated and cute.

Cute sweets such as dried sweets made using wooden molds passed down from generation to generation by long-established Japanese sweets shops are reproduced as they are.

Japanese sweets that enjoy the changing seasons have many cute motifs such as flowers and birds.
The gentle expression of Wasanbon has been faithfully reproduced.

We paid particular attention to the detailed reproduction of the mold and the lines of the small sugar decorations.

In order to reproduce the texture and color of dried sweets and amber sugar, we make many prototypes. Each part is handmade one by one, giving it a delicate expression that can only be found here.

The joy of wearing Japanese sweets as they are. Itookashi's accessories are sophisticated and cute.

We develop a variety of accessories using parts such as dried sweets, amber sugar, and konpeito sugar.
We deliver the details unique to Japanese sweets in the cutest designs possible.

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