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We make real candy accessories in Kyoto.


Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from customers on a daily basis.

About gift wrapping

To prevent damage during shipping, the item will not be shipped in a packaged state.
We ask that you provide your own packaging.
Please note.

Gift wrapping is available for purchase at our online store.
If you are interested, please purchase from the product page.

Delivery time

Orders are shipped as soon as payment is completed.
Please note that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays for shipping. Please be careful if you are in a hurry.
*Shipping holidays may be subject to change, so please check the "NEWS" section.

About the resins we use

The resin used in our products is "polyester resin."
Unlike "UV resin" or "epoxy resin" that are generally used in handmade crafts, etc., this resin hardens completely quickly and completely encases the candy. It is processed so that it does not come into contact with air, so there is no need to worry about the candy melting or going moldy.

However, because resin is a heat-conductive material, if it is used or stored in a high temperature location for an extended period of time, the "real candy" inside may deteriorate. Therefore, please avoid using, storing, or leaving the product near a fire, under the hot sun, or in high temperature locations.

Regarding black spots and lumps on candy

All of our candy is made by hand. Therefore, when boiling and mixing the starch syrup and sugar, sometimes some of the burnt bits on the pot get mixed into the candy and cannot be removed. Also, sometimes some of the coloring was not mixed in completely, which makes it look black. There is no risk to your body if you eat our candy, but if you have any concerns, please contact us.

Product defect

■Replacement of defective products In the unlikely event of a defective product, we will check our inventory and replace it with a new or equivalent product.
Please contact us by email with a picture of the product within one week of receiving the product.
Products purchased more than one week ago cannot be exchanged.
*We cannot accept returns due to customer convenience.

[Important] Regarding resale items

■Our products may be resold on flea market apps and auction sites.

Since we do not know how "resale items" have been stored and cannot guarantee their quality, we cannot take any responsibility for the product warranty of "resale items."
Please note that we cannot provide returns, exchanges, or quality guarantees for products purchased from resellers.

■Since we do not know how "resale items" are stored after they arrive overseas and cannot guarantee their quality, we cannot take any responsibility for them.
Please note that we cannot accept returns, exchanges or guarantees for resold products once they arrive overseas.

[Important] About Pay Later (Paidy)

■You will not receive a transfer slip. You will need to choose your payment method and make the payment using the Paidy app that you downloaded when making your purchase.

*When paying with Paidy, in rare cases, the order may proceed even if the item is in your cart and out of stock.
This phenomenon occurs when multiple people try to reserve a new product or popular item at the same time. If the item is out of stock, we will cancel the order for that item only. Please note that we cannot reserve or hold items for you.


[Important] About shipping

Nekopos does not guarantee against loss, damage, theft, or other accidents that occur during delivery. In the event of non-delivery, damage, or delayed delivery of the product, our store cannot guarantee replacement, compensation, or refunds. In addition, if the delivery status is "delivery completed," we cannot guarantee against loss of the package even if it has not arrived. Please be aware of this before using this service. If you would like reliable delivery and compensation, please use a courier service .
Our store considers the shipping process, for which we are responsible, to be complete when the item has been shipped to Yamato Transport. Please note that we are not responsible for any troubles caused by theft, loss, or damage after the shipping process has been completed. For any troubles after the item has been shipped, please contact the Yamato Transport Service Center directly using the parcel number listed in the shipping completion email.

[Important] Characteristics and individual differences of candy


[Important] Regarding the sale of candy parts only

■Our candy parts have intellectual property rights and design registrations. They cannot be used for anything other than our products, so we do not sell the parts separately. This is to protect our intellectual property rights.
*We cannot accept requests to process only candy or sweets brought in by customers.