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We make real candy accessories in Kyoto.

Why choose Nanako Plus?

Why choose Nanako Plus?

  • Like an old-fashioned Japanese confectionery shop, our strength lies in our standard products.
  • Adding a modern Japanese style, femininity, and cuteness to the product.
  • Creating a sparkling and exciting sales floor with promotional POP and displays.
  • We are working hard to create a product lineup that is full of fun choices.
  • Always pursuing new designs. *Nanaco Plus plans, produces, and releases new products every month.

customer's voice

  • It fits perfectly with Japanese clothing, and of course is easy to match with Western clothing.
  • It's fun to choose, and you can't help but stay for a long time.
  • Cute Japanese-style accessories!
  • There are store-limited products that make you want to visit the stores.
  • The edible candy itself is cute and delicious.
  • The store staff are friendly and approachable.
  • Candy accessories are too cute. The colors were bright and I felt at ease looking at it.
  • A gift set with candy accessories and candy candies makes an impact.

Annual product development example


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