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We make real candy accessories in Kyoto.



``Amechian'' is made by encasing real handmade candy in resin. The transparency of real candy is somehow sweet and nostalgic.

A new shine was created by encasing the candy, each with its own unique expression, in resin.

Choose candy that is cute even as it is, such as ``Temari candy'' that looks like Temari.
By trapping it in resin,
The parts are designed to further collect light.

Encapsulating candy in resin is an original product only available at Nanaco Plus.

It is technically very difficult to express the delicate patterns and loveliness of candy.
After many consultations with the factory and repeated trial and error,
The candy parts are finally finished.
We have acquired the intellectual property rights and this is an original product only available at Nanaco Plus.

Nanako Plus goods that make your heart flutter and make you feel sweet just by looking at them.

We develop a variety of accessories and goods using candy parts.
How can I always make candy look cute?
Will it be an accessory that will please customers?
We are working on new designs every day.

How handmade candy is made
Until it becomes a resin part
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