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We make real candy accessories in Kyoto.

To all corporations

To all corporations

Why choose Nanako Plus?

  • Like an old-fashioned Japanese confectionery shop, our strength lies in our standard products.
  • Adding a modern Japanese style, femininity, and cuteness to the product.
  • Creating a sparkling and exciting sales floor with promotional POP and displays.
  • We are working hard to create a product lineup that is full of fun choices.
  • Always pursuing new designs. *Nanaco Plus plans, produces, and releases new products every month.

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For those interested in OEM

Nanaco Plus accepts OEM orders according to customer requests.
I want to develop products for young women, I want to expand my souvenir product lineup,
We develop products together with companies that want to make memorials, souvenirs, small gift products, anime/character products, etc.

Flow from order to delivery

Please first tell us your requests using the "Inquiry Form".
From consultation to decision of item, design, quantity and delivery date
Present the quotation and transaction conditions ▼ After approval and confirmation, proceed to step 4
Design confirmation (based on our reference photos, parts photos, and provided design drawings)
*Requests for creating design drawings will be made in advance in STEP 3.
Design, packaging, and delivery method confirmed (order confirmed)
Start of production
    • Approximately 1 and a half to 2 months when using our regulated parts
    • Approximately 3 to 4 months for original parts

*Depending on the quantity and delivery date, it may be difficult to respond at certain times such as during busy seasons. Thank you for your understanding.

delivery of materials

Examples of achievements



anime characters

・Anime characters

Products targeted at young women

・Products targeted at young women



Japanese cosmetics

・Japanese cosmetics


・Gama mouth

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For those who wish to wholesale

Nanako Plus accepts wholesale of products according to customer requests.
With Nanaco Plus products, we can propose ways to create sales spaces for young women .
Major household goods stores, souvenir shops, accessory shops, bookstore corners, apparel shops,
We have a track record of sales at various stores, including Western and Japanese confectionery store corners.

hair tie

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From the inquiry form, please enter your company name and contact information,
Please apply if you would like a wholesale catalog.

Sales floor example







Promotional support



Posters and banners POP

・Poster and banner POP

Lanterns and curtains

・Lanterns and curtains

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How long does it take from ordering to delivery?
In the case of production using our ready-made parts, it will take approximately one and a half to two months after the design is decided.
If the parts are original, it will take about 3 to 4 months.

*Depending on the quantity and delivery date, it may be difficult to respond at certain times such as during busy seasons. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the payment method?
Once the design is confirmed, we will provide you with a formal quotation, and if it is your first time, production will begin after confirming your payment.
If you have any questions about your company's regulations, we can also consult with you.
Can I bring in candy that has been processed into candy parts?
We often receive inquiries such as ``I want to preserve memories of candy, etc. with resin coating.''
The coating process is delicate, so it may not be possible to coat it properly due to its compatibility with the candy.
The candy we produce has been tested, and we also take into account processing losses.
As a general rule, we ask that you refrain from bringing your own products as processing loss may occur or they may not be compatible.
Is it possible to process only candy parts?
Since we own the intellectual property rights to the candy coating technology, we basically deliver the final product after finishing it.
Thank you for your understanding.
Please tell me about the resin used for coating.
The resin used in our products is "polyester resin".
Unlike "UV resin" and "epoxy resin" which are generally used for handmade products, it cures quickly and completely envelops the candy, and is processed to prevent it from coming into contact with air. There is no need to worry about the candy melting or mold forming.
However, since resin is a material that conducts heat, if it is used or stored in a high temperature place for a long period of time, the enclosed "real candy" may deteriorate, so please do not store it near a fire, in the scorching sun, or in a high temperature place. Please avoid using, storing, or leaving the product unattended.
What are the black spots and lumps on candy?
All candy is manufactured by hand. Therefore, when boiling and mixing starch syrup and sugar,
In rare cases, burnt bits on the pot may get mixed in with the candy and cannot be removed.
In addition, in rare cases, items that have not been mixed with the coloring agent may appear black.
Since it is real candy, it is not defective. There are more than pieces of candy.
Enjoy the authenticity.
Is it possible to produce molded products other than candy?
Yes, it is okay.
In addition to candy, we also create original confectionery-shaped parts, beads, and molded products.
Please contact us with your desired design.
What is the minimum lot size for OEM?
For semi-original products using our ready-made parts, quantities of 300 pieces or more are possible.
When making original candy, Temari candy weighs 18 kg (approximately 18,000 pieces).
By sorting edible sweets and miscellaneous goods, we can propose a plan that is easy to develop.
In the case of original molds with parts other than candy, I think an economical lot will be around 1000 pieces.